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In pursuit of happiness on skis
Why choose to go on a ski vacation? It’s expensive, at times a bit troublesome, and a lot depends on the weather conditions on the destination. We who go skiing/snowboarding know the answer.
7 tips to achieve success on your ski holiday
Here you’ll find tips for both the beginner on skis and the more experienced skier.
Children on skis

When you decide to go skiing with children, the list of things to remember is long. Before leaving for your ski vacation, you must make sure that all the ski gear for your children is ready. Have they outgrown something, do the ski goggles and the ski underwear still fit?

A place where you need not worry is if you book your skis with us. We are experts when it comes to skis and ski boots.

When you choose to rent skis with, you are sure to get the best quality skis for you and your children. When placing your order, we ask you to write height, weight and level of expertise. With these pieces of information, we decide how long the skis should be.

A rule of thumb is, that the longer the ski is, the faster it goes, the shorter the ski is, the slower it is.

If you have a specific wish for the length of your skis, you simply write it in the ‘commentary field’ in your order. Otherwise just lean back and trust us, we know what we are talking about. When we prepare your skis, we decide the length of your skis on the basis of your info about height, weight and level of expertise

Watch our video here below about booking for the young ones


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