About us

Why skiirr.com?

Planning a trip to a ski resort or any snow-covered ski-lovely vacation destination should be convenient and fun. Standing in line in a ski-shop with hundreds other or having to haul heavy ski equipment around is certainly not a convenience and could not be further from having a good time. 

Skiirr.com is a convenience when it's best. We deliver the skis and related equipment to your doorstep (which in most cases are the ski depot in the hotel) before you arrive, so you and perhaps your family can skip the wait and haul in the shop and just hit the slopes. 

We are a dedicated team with years of experience in running companies. And we are all pretty damn good at the slopes!

Skiir.com is a Danish company, our main office is in Denmark. Our warehouse is located in Altenmarkt in Pongau.

We are a new company, starting out with service here the Wagrain area. Keep an eye out for us, we are opening new areas of service in the coming seasons!

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The team

Jesper Weltström
Clients, sale, ski, marketing

Email: jesper@skiirr.com

Phone:+45 31650808

Kasper Mogensen
Homepage, ski, money, HR, clients 

Email: kasper@skiirr.com

Phone:+45 29921719

Stine Weltström
Marketing, ski, clients  

Email: stine@skiirr.com

Phone:+45 28142253


Nicolai Dybro Sørensen
Team leader
Ski, clients, prep. 


Email: ski@skiirr.com

Phone:+45 5380 7709


Hans Frederik Skov Carstens
Ski, clients, prep 

Email: ski@skiirr.com

Phone:+45 5381 7709


Søren Aarup
Ski, clients, prep 

Email: ski@skiirr.com

Phone:+45 5361 7709


Mathias G. Ø. Rasmussen
Ski, clients, prep 

Email: ski@skiirr.com

Phone:+45 5362 7709


Michael Søndergaard Horsholt
Ski, clients, prep 

Email: ski@skiirr.com

Phone:+45 5352 7709



skiirr.com (Skiirr ApS)

Dalbygade 40A, 2. Sal
6000 Kolding

CVR: 39640147


Marktstrasse 17
5541 Altenmarkt im Pongau